How do I contact the Support Team?

If you need assistance, we invite you to fill up the details of your enquiry on our Contact Form – we'll be here to provide the help needed! To ensure that all our member experience the best support experience possible, here are some useful tips to make sure that we're equipped to solve your problems quickly:

  1. If you're facing technical problems on the app, try relogging in to your SimplyStall account and making sure that you're on the most updated version of the app
  2. If you're frequently seeing an error message or a bug, always include your SimplyStall  username, SimplyStall  app version number, and device model before reporting this bug
  3. If you're having issues with finding your listings on the marketplace, provide your SimplyStall  username and the specific listing title(s) you're having problems with when reporting an issue with listings
  4. If you're having problems dealing with a buyer or seller, always provide a background of the issue along with the other party's SimplyStall username and listing title when reporting a user

If your issue isn't covered above, please don't hesitate to file a ticket with our Support team right here.

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